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reel to real

September 27, 2010

thank you, beth …

the experience from reel to real is the wake-up journey …
a world of appearances is reeled off  that seems so true …
These images stem from the belief in two powers, good and evil,
and our judgments keep us reeling between these pairs of opposites …

movie reel

“from good to bad and bad to good … that’s the continual plot of humanhood
ups and downs and highs and lows … back and forth the human scene goes”

“give up the belief in good and evil
the cause of all human upheaval”

“judge not! Judge not!  adhere …  adhere
and discover God’s no-power atmosphere”

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  1. beth permalink
    September 27, 2010 6:41 pm

    anna, i’m soooo happy you are such a “REAL” part of my “reel” life. keep up the good work!

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