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October 25, 2012

I like the word “God” … it so resonates with me …
but I felt it was confusing and interpreted in so many different ways
that I was reluctant, in the beginning,
to use it in my bookmarks and notecards …
nevertheless, “God” so spoke to me … I had to use it …

I heard Leonard Jacobson talking about the word “God” … it resonates with him, too,
but he said it needs to be decontaminated …
we need to take the conditioning out of the word …

We’re told that God is too pure to behold iniquity …
too pure to know good and evil …
God is Unconditioned Awareness and knows nothing
about a two-power myth
stemming from a mythical tree with knowledge of good and evil …

have an opposite or opposition!

There is peace in the realization of the Allness of God as the image and likeness
of every individual …

We are told to “judge not by appearances” …
the Kingdom of God is hidden and disguised by the belief in two powers …
That is the culprit that perpetuates a sense of separation from our true nature …

Leonard Jacobson says “God is the Silent Presence of everything that is Present.
To experience the Living Presence of God you must be PRESENT.”

Get your attention, please
Surrender to now
on bended knees

This is prayer … this is Grace
It’s how we meet God face to face

Be in the Present or God is missed
It’s the only time and place God can exist

Don’t let appearances distract and entice
Pay attention … that’s the price

In an instant God’s Presence is Present … it is so
And there’s no one separate to even know


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