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right identification

October 3, 2010

the human “sense” of existence is like a movie …
in every movie there are characters.
every character has a name and every name has a story.

in the human movie we are born and given a name.  with that name comes a story.

the story includes our birth parents, the time and place of our birth
and all that comes with the family tree of those birth parents
and the beliefs and traditions and conditioning associated therein.

we identify with the parts we play.  we think we are those parts …
the son, the daughter, the parents, the homemaker, the business person,
the artist, the musician, the chef, the seamstress, the doctor, the lawyer, the nurse,
the gardener, the nanny, the secretary, etc.

the characters in the human movie come with a script …
a script filled with human beliefs that are programmed into the parts we play.

as we look at the parts we’re playing, objectively,
we see the parts are the ones with all the conditioning and mortal ties.

behind every part that is played is pure unconditioned Spirit,
the image and likeness of God,
the divine creative Principle of Life.

to identify with that Spirit … instead of identifying with the part,
is right identification … knowing ourself aright.

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  1. beth permalink
    October 12, 2010 9:01 pm

    in your Omnipresent Silence you speak volumes………

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