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Clear Your Slate

July 11, 2011

As long as we are the same, nothing will be new.
As we open up to a higher perspective and become free of old points of view …
that freedom and clarity will reveal the same world of people, places,
things and circumstances in a new light.

We were born into a family and a set of circumstances and we have been colored
and conditioned  by these circumstances and all the beliefs that the world has
imposed upon us.  This is our human experience.
When it begins to dawn on us that there must be more …
that we are made in the image and likeness of God,
we begin to identify with that as our true nature and Essence.
We gradually become aware of pure Love,
without opposite or opposition … as Omnipresence.

Clear your slate of a false sense of identity …  get empty of negativity and limitation.
From this emptiness – now consciously filled with Love and Light –
we can see the world anew …:)

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