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the truth of one

October 12, 2010

we have to love our Self … by knowing “I and my Father are one” …
and then it’s easier to love everyone … every One is the same One!
the image and likeness of God is hidden by human personas

“loving our neighbor is easy to do
when you know your neighbor is really you!”

Love is really the recognition of Oneness
we keep living from Oneness and more and more the Truth of One will live us

lighten up!

October 11, 2010

so heavy are misperceptions that we carry around
when all the while we’re on holy ground

laying down all concepts … every false facade
reveals the Omnipresence of God

lighten up! clip_image002
we’ve probably all wondered how angels can fly?
they take themselves so lightly … that is why!

right identification

October 3, 2010

the human “sense” of existence is like a movie …
in every movie there are characters.
every character has a name and every name has a story.

in the human movie we are born and given a name.  with that name comes a story.

the story includes our birth parents, the time and place of our birth
and all that comes with the family tree of those birth parents
and the beliefs and traditions and conditioning associated therein.

we identify with the parts we play.  we think we are those parts …
the son, the daughter, the parents, the homemaker, the business person,
the artist, the musician, the chef, the seamstress, the doctor, the lawyer, the nurse,
the gardener, the nanny, the secretary, etc.

the characters in the human movie come with a script …
a script filled with human beliefs that are programmed into the parts we play.

as we look at the parts we’re playing, objectively,
we see the parts are the ones with all the conditioning and mortal ties.

behind every part that is played is pure unconditioned Spirit,
the image and likeness of God,
the divine creative Principle of Life.

to identify with that Spirit … instead of identifying with the part,
is right identification … knowing ourself aright.

reel to real

September 27, 2010

thank you, beth …

the experience from reel to real is the wake-up journey …
a world of appearances is reeled off  that seems so true …
These images stem from the belief in two powers, good and evil,
and our judgments keep us reeling between these pairs of opposites …

movie reel

“from good to bad and bad to good … that’s the continual plot of humanhood
ups and downs and highs and lows … back and forth the human scene goes”

“give up the belief in good and evil
the cause of all human upheaval”

“judge not! Judge not!  adhere …  adhere
and discover God’s no-power atmosphere”

the search

September 25, 2010

here’s to each day that we begin

to where we’re going and where we’ve been

to things unknown and things unseen

and to the search for what they mean!

footprints in the sand

September 24, 2010

gratitude is in order …
i’d like to say
thank you to those
who showed a way

and left sacred footprints
in the sand
as a light to help us

those footprints came from the steps
they had to take
and we’re taking our steps that we
may also awake

the spirit of God hidden by human disguises

September 23, 2010

the universe is always sharing itself with itself …it’s all quite impersonal …

but we separate ourselves from the universe and from each otherand then we have all these little imaginary egos running rampant …

anna … hani … mary … jane … tom … harry …. all names for the one universal self …
THANK GOD THERE’S ONLY ONE ….   the ultimate truth … which is everywhere and that’s probably why it’s missed.

remember edgar allan poe’s story,  “the purloined letter” … or something like that … where the letter was put in such an obvious place that nobody could find it …

the very spirit of God, the one creative principle of life, is in the midst of everyone, without exception … hidden by human disguises … an infinite variety of roles and parts … played so convincingly that the parts and roles are actually believed to be the true identity of the individual …

the spirit of God is ever present to be discerned … as we learn to look through mortal density … anna

always open to expanding our awareness

September 22, 2010

thank you, hani, for your positive input  …

i see that blogging is a wonderful haven for searching souls

to express ideas and feelings …

no right, no wrong… no good, no evil … no judgments …

just expressions of the way something is seen in the moment  …

and, hopefully, always open to expanding our awareness and

seeing the world anew.

a wake-up journey

September 21, 2010

welcome to annadote!

i’m just learning about the world of blogs.
what a lovely way to
share and communicate with kindred spirits!

sorting out life’s mysteries has always been my underlying purpose.
when i was very young, i wondered about life and what it’s all about …
what is god? … where is god? … who am i? …

some of the poet’s were a huge help …
most poetry was like greek to me, but
some of their messages, like the following examples, so struck me…
i wanted to know what they knew, and see what they saw.

robert browning … “god is in his heaven.  all is right with the world”
tennyson … “god is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet”
wm. e. henley … “we are the master of our fate, the captain of our soul”
rudyard kipling … “if you can meet with triumph and disaster
and treat those two imposters just the same”

a major turning point in my life came when someone
gave me a copy of “practicing the presence” by joel goldsmith.
that was what i had been seeking forever …
it was in a language that spoke to my soul.
i am so grateful for the writings of joel goldsmith.
we seek and search until something appears that speaks to us
so unmistakeably that it is like our very own self talking to us.

then, as best as we can, we live and move and have our being
in and as the consciousness of truth.

what a glorious journey life is … as we are getting acquainted with
our true nature and recognizing that nature in everyone we meet.

love and blessings to all as we persevere on our wake-up journey …