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September 4, 2011

“I  and my Father are one” … there’s no end to dwelling on that infinite oneness
and the nature of the one I

“we’re made in the image and likeness of God” …
that image and likeness constitutes our very being, our very Selfhood …

going through the motions of living seems meaningless
without first-hand knowledge and experience
of the I that we truly are …

as we live centered in God’s wholeness and completeness
as the one and only Self …
“we look not to man whose breath is in his nostrils,
for wherein is he to be accounted of”

Being Self-centered is beyond a self that is egotistical or a self that is humble …
Being Self-centered is being centered
in the one impersonal, universal, boundless Selfhood of God
and living, moving and having our being in and as that SELF …

That One Self recognizes ItSelf in all … as all …

From Its own Essence … unconditioned Love, Purity and Truth …
is bearing witness to Its Nature,
the only Creative Principle … in expression …

We understand our human, finite, mortal sense of existence
as temporal … and open ourself to our permanent, true,
eternal, immortal Selfhood …

We’re made in the image and likeness of God
And we’ve forgotten … isn’t it odd!

a “sense” of separation is just illusory sense
with which we now can consciously dispense

 The Presence of God has seemed so far away –
While God’s been closer than breathing night and day!

 God’s ever-present splendor is coming to light
It can’t be missed … It’s shining too bright!

 Live from a SELF-centered point of view
Recognizing the Selfhood of God in every “me” and “you” …



August 10, 2011

God is nearer than hands and feet
Closer than breathing – we must meet

No reaching out – no phone, no fax
simply rest, trust and relax

No email, letter or telegram
just the remembrance that I AM


July 27, 2011

In human existence
we struggle
for a while
As its ups and downs
tempt and beguile

But eventually
the outer
loses its hold
And our attention
inwardly goaled

In a new direction
we’re being drawn
old desires
have faded
old habits
are gone

We’re opening up
becoming aware
of the
hidden splendor
that’s always
been there

more at

“Soul-Searching – Sayers of Sooth
Bookmarks and Notecards filled with Love and Trooth”

Don’t Body Me!

July 27, 2011
posted in … a new true story site by LaVonne Ellis … Jul 26, 2011


by Anna Romano

I was born and took on a name, a place of birth, a family with ideas and beliefs
and began adapting to a human sense of existence.

Somehow early on, I knew that there had to be more to life than what I saw, tasted, touch, smelled and heard.
I started digging and searching for something beyond the five physical senses.

Trying to fit in and appear “normal” was difficult and uncomfortable.
(I have since opened my dictionary and actually scratched out the word “normal”
along with the word “compare”)

Some of the poets were a help to me, but it wasn’t until after I was married with children
that I met my first true kindred spirit … an enlightened soul, not of this world …
and I felt a confirmation of a Nature beyond humanhood that I could identify with …
the “more” that I believed in was always there, but so hidden and disguised …
but there nevertheless, for us to individually discover and experience.

We’re “organ”ized from head to toe
Hearts that pump and brains that know
Lungs and livers, bladders with gall
And guts enough to stomach it all

Thank you, body dear, but we’re more than that
We’re not contained between shoes and hat
Boundless Spirit that we can’t confine
Is our true nature, how divine!

There is no way to body me
I’m too footloose and fancy free!

True Humility

July 18, 2011

I was responding to a comment on facebook today and the idea of humility came out …
humility conjures up a feeling of lowliness and self-unworthiness …

“I and my Father are one”  … for years I have read and repeated that over and over …
I had an I that was God and an I that was humble and trying to be worthy …

That is twoness … that is duality …
“I and my Father are one” leaves no room for another …
one means one …

We have to understand the nature of God as Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence,
unconditioned Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony
and we are that place through which that nature flows …

Gibran, in The Prophet, says that children come through us, not from us …
God’s infinite nature flows through us as we see beyond a finite, mortal sense of identity …
God is expressing Its indivisible allness individually and we continually open ourself up to that …
That is right identification  …
I see that as true humility … just having the infinite image and likeness of God …
no separate self that is humble or egotistical … just God’s nature individually expressing …

“This world” is  a world of appearances … a world of  material concepts, a world of good and evil,
a world of judgments and conditioning  …

“My Kingdom is not of this world” … as we keep opening up to our oneness with God and
accepting that nature as the true nature of all mankind, of every individual … the world
will be new …

Clear Your Slate

July 11, 2011

As long as we are the same, nothing will be new.
As we open up to a higher perspective and become free of old points of view …
that freedom and clarity will reveal the same world of people, places,
things and circumstances in a new light.

We were born into a family and a set of circumstances and we have been colored
and conditioned  by these circumstances and all the beliefs that the world has
imposed upon us.  This is our human experience.
When it begins to dawn on us that there must be more …
that we are made in the image and likeness of God,
we begin to identify with that as our true nature and Essence.
We gradually become aware of pure Love,
without opposite or opposition … as Omnipresence.

Clear your slate of a false sense of identity …  get empty of negativity and limitation.
From this emptiness – now consciously filled with Love and Light –
we can see the world anew …:)


April 14, 2011

the when aspect seems to keep coming up …
when is a God moment going to happen?

there is no God in any other time or place than in the present moment …
it’s now or never …

every moment is the allness of God  …
appearances seem to consume our attention, but as we keep opening ourself
to the boundless Essence that fills the moment right where material physical forms appear,
Pure Unconditioned Awareness arises …

“in the midst of all that we’re hearing and seeing
the very presence of God is eternally being”

we live in and as this Spirit of Truth the best we can …  coming back to it
when we see we’ve wandered off …

asking ourself … who can wander off from omnipresent Spirit?

this is walking the spiritual path … living the spiritual journey …

 love and gratitude and joy to the world
as we meet ourself, the one Spirit,  in each other …



March 30, 2011

This is a little gentle prod

We’re made in the image and likeness of God

Our forgotten nature is abiding within

Wake up and let the recognition begin

Know thyself … we don’t have to travel afar

This inner safari we take right where we are

more at

“Soul-Searching – Sayers of Sooth
Bookmarks and Notecards filled with Love and Trooth”

appearances or reality?

October 24, 2010

“judge not by appearances” …
“My Kingdom is not of this world” …

as we see through appearances, we’ll be surprised
to find God’s Kingdom has been so disguised

nothing’s the way it looks … see from within
I and my Father are one … let discernment begin

the tracks don’t meet … they just look like they do
we see the appearance, but we know it’s not true


As we look beyond appearances, we feel God’s peace
Ever-present, changeless … it doesn’t cease


this minute… we can either accept appearances or acknowledge reality

A human sense of existence we’ve been fed
Down the good and evil path we’ve been led

Withdraw good and evil judgments from what we see
And we’re on our way to discovering reality

The knowledge of a belief in good and evil
Is no part of the image and likeness of God

a world of false concepts stems from the belief in
a selfhood apart from God … a selfhood
with knowledge of good and evil

When I and my Father are one … comes to light
the good and evil battle has lost its fight

My Kingdom is infinite SPIRIT …



a leash on attention

October 12, 2010

This morning as I sat down for a quiet moment…
I began contemplating Omnipresent Silence

“attention” came up as thoughts were flitting by …
and a little dialog unfolded that got my attention …

I thought about my friend always putting a leash on his dog
before going for a walk …

“I’m going to put a leash on my attention …
a really really short leash so my attention cannot be separated
from Omnipresent Silence”

With all the myriad distractions in the world of appearances,
the awareness of the inseparable oneness of
is the realized connection we are seeking

here and now,
in the midst of every appearance is the
PEACE that passeth understanding …

With love and compassion we’re open to whatever the moment
offers up, facing it with AWARENESS of the ONENESS