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October 8, 2012

After years of fighting and struggling to change, rearrange and fix everything and everybody … it finally dawned that there has to be another way to be and see. There is no way to live in peace, with ourself or others, until we come to some awareness of Oneness and an understanding of the nature of that One.

There is no peace in human nature … it is based on duality … on evil and good … those two powers fluctuating back and forth, constantly changing, We are conditioned day in and day out with beliefs that are imposed upon us. The belief in two powers, good and evil, is the dna (dual nature awareness) of humanhood … it is the basis of human existence.

The One true authentic Source, Nature, Essence since the beginningless beginning is UNCONDITIONED AWARENESS … too pure to behold iniquity. As we become acquainted with that Nature and accept it as the true Nature of all mankind, we begin to see the world anew. With the practice of giving up judgments of good and evil … we begin to lose the capacity to judge, We can almost feel good or evil thoughts stopped dead in their tracks … they find less and less reaction in us when we are consciously living out from UNCONDITIONED AWARENESS as our true Being. WHAT IS is WHAT IS and it’s okay without imposed good or evil judgments … xoxo

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