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July 30, 2012

The ONE SOURCE, infinite and indivisible, is individually expressing. That all-knowing Love and Peace is fully inherent in every ONE …no matter what is apparent in the visible, Wholeness and Completeness is ever-present.  In the beginningless beginning, there was Essence (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent) … that Essence is eternally unfolding in infinite variety of form and expression … individually, never personally …

The ONE I doesn’t know about persons … only ITSELF, the ONE I, the ONE Nature, the ONE Essence … individually expressing.  Indivisible ONENESS makes no sense in humanhood, which is based on separation, duality, pairs of opposites, good and evil … a me separate from a you and appearances of many separate from each other.

“Our forgotten nature is abiding within …
Wake up and let the recognition begin …
Know Thyself … we don’t have to travel afar …
This inner journey we take right where we are”

“No reaching out, no phone, no fax …
Simply rest, trust and relax …
No email, letter or telegram
Just the remembrance that I AM” …

“We’ll just wake up and be surprised
To find reality’s been so disguised”




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