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To Know OurSelf Aright Is the Beginning of a Divine Romance

April 14, 2012

I was inspired by this lovely insightful comment from Contemplative Pathways

“Once the Spirit has you in its hands, you are caught hook, line, and sinker. It grabs hold of all of you, until your inner transformation is made complete. The divine romance has begun….

You can only surrender to It. You can only flow downstream with It on the way back to Its vast ocean of oneness.”


When the tiniest stir within occurs, the journey within has begun and there is no turning back …
No matter how many detours or obstacles seem to appear … the journey is ongoing …

 I question and ponder morning noon and night
Surrendering again and again to the inner Light

 I keep shoveling through all the conditioning and debris
To get to the truth in the midst of me

 What’s behind the highs and lows
And everything that comes and goes?

 The quest for the changeless pushes me on
Closer than breathing … it must dawn

 We dig for answers in our inner church
The sanctuary where we learn to search

 What a journey … what a quest!
Those who embark are truly blessed!

 Our original unconditioned inherent nature has never left us … nothing has ever entered that original authentic nature to defile or maketh a lie …

 If I and my Father are ONE … why is there such a struggle to get back to that One? … there is a belief that we are separate … ONE INFINITE CREATIVE PRINCIPLE OF LIFE leaves no room for anyone or anything to be separate … there is nothing outside of infinity …

 As we dwell on the nature of that ONE … (our own individual nature … the nature of every ONE) … we begin to identify with that nature instead of a finite mortal sense of self …

 What is the nature of that ONE?

 OMNIPRESENCE … All Presence … undisturbed by appearances … judge not by the way things look …

 OMNISCIENCE … all-knowing wisdom … we don’t have to tell IT anything … just open up to IT and LISTEN …

 OMNIPOTENCE … ALL power … no opposite … no opposition …. Judge not by appearances

 We are confronted with a world of very convincing appearances … persons, places, things, conditions and circumstances … as we develop the practice of abiding in Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence and withdrawing judgments of good or evil from all appearances, we will begin to see the world anew…

 A belief in a separation from God is just a belief

 “A belief’s gone rampant … wake up quick!
 God’s nature or another … take your pick!”


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  1. April 17, 2012 10:10 am

    So beautifully expressed from the soul, Anna! The HEART speaks lovingly, achingly, longingly, for oneness with the Source of its very life and love. Every heartbeat is its call, its plea, its crying out for oneness. Each heartbeat seems to be a sigh of frustration.

    What a paradox the heart lives: It cannot stop beating even for a moment of silence and stillness to experience itself fully as the vessel of life and love, for it must keep on circulating and moving the precious elixir of life through arteries and veins to reach the many organ, tissue and cell recipient-beneficiaries of its love. Such is the heart’s existence in this body, in this world.

    Ah, but the heart can FLOW patiently, lovingly, endlessly, with its rhythm of life. In that rhythmic flow IS the oneness it seeks. In that flow, there is LIFE. That flow IS the life and the love the heart seeks. The heart need only flow.

    We already are the One we are seeking to realize. There is nothing left to realize, nor to awaken from or to pick. There is nothing apart from that One that “I am.” There is only the “I” — the Self — waiting to LIVE and wanting to BE LIVED in earnest. Simply then BE the God you ARE. Nothing, absolutely nothing, prevents you from being It and from letting It be your life.

    Any semblance of struggle or difficulty in BE-ing is just an illusion, the sense of separation believed in. Do not try BE-ing for an hour, a half hour, ten minutes, or even for a minute; just BE NOW, for this very moment, then the next moment, and then the next one after it, but always from moment to moment and never more than the present moment.

    Night follows day, and day follows night, in a never-ending chase between the day and the night. This is the daily experience of the man living on the spinning Earth. But rise beyond the rotating Earth into the empty space above or below it, and you will see and experience a constantly shining Sun — no days or nights, only the shining Sun.

    Do not struggle, do not strain. Only rise above and soar. Do not journey any further than where you are this very moment: STOP, no need to journey anywhere, for you have never left the home or consciousness of God. You have never left the Father’s household. We are not the prodigal or lost son, and even that son never left home. We are the son who always stayed at home and never left his Father. There are not two sons; there is only one son — the one who never left the Father and to whom is constantly said: “Son ,thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

    SIMPLY FLOW with God in the dance that is God’s own life. Simply flow to the music that is God’s playing. Just flow. 🙂

  2. August 9, 2012 8:34 am

    Reblogged this on The Mystical Path and commented:
    From one link… to another, in the infinite chain of Oneness.

  3. JOAN permalink
    April 20, 2013 5:10 pm

    Your words of wisdom is confirmation of my own experiences over the years. I am certain that “every knee will bow” and will come into recognition of Truth, either in this life or
    some other dimension. I am ecstatic that there is so much mysticism online, so that any seeker has the chance to find a path and begin the spiritual journey.

    • April 20, 2013 9:38 pm

      Thank you, Joan for your comment … I do believe that there are confirmations of our inner convictions … trust your experiences, they are your confirmations … everyone, without exception, is destined to wake up to the truth of Being, to the one authentic Identity … there is so much truth released in Consciousness that anyone who is sincerely seeking should find something that speaks to them … we learn to trust our very own Self to lead us to the Awareness that we are that which we are seeking. “Our forgotten nature is abiding within – wake up and let the recognition begin … Know Thyself, we don’t have to travel afar – this inner journey we take right where we are” … anna xoxo

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