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Don’t Body Me!

July 27, 2011
posted in … a new true story site by LaVonne Ellis … Jul 26, 2011


by Anna Romano

I was born and took on a name, a place of birth, a family with ideas and beliefs
and began adapting to a human sense of existence.

Somehow early on, I knew that there had to be more to life than what I saw, tasted, touch, smelled and heard.
I started digging and searching for something beyond the five physical senses.

Trying to fit in and appear “normal” was difficult and uncomfortable.
(I have since opened my dictionary and actually scratched out the word “normal”
along with the word “compare”)

Some of the poets were a help to me, but it wasn’t until after I was married with children
that I met my first true kindred spirit … an enlightened soul, not of this world …
and I felt a confirmation of a Nature beyond humanhood that I could identify with …
the “more” that I believed in was always there, but so hidden and disguised …
but there nevertheless, for us to individually discover and experience.

We’re “organ”ized from head to toe
Hearts that pump and brains that know
Lungs and livers, bladders with gall
And guts enough to stomach it all

Thank you, body dear, but we’re more than that
We’re not contained between shoes and hat
Boundless Spirit that we can’t confine
Is our true nature, how divine!

There is no way to body me
I’m too footloose and fancy free!

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