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the spirit of God hidden by human disguises

September 23, 2010

the universe is always sharing itself with itself …it’s all quite impersonal …

but we separate ourselves from the universe and from each otherand then we have all these little imaginary egos running rampant …

anna … hani … mary … jane … tom … harry …. all names for the one universal self …
THANK GOD THERE’S ONLY ONE ….   the ultimate truth … which is everywhere and that’s probably why it’s missed.

remember edgar allan poe’s story,  “the purloined letter” … or something like that … where the letter was put in such an obvious place that nobody could find it …

the very spirit of God, the one creative principle of life, is in the midst of everyone, without exception … hidden by human disguises … an infinite variety of roles and parts … played so convincingly that the parts and roles are actually believed to be the true identity of the individual …

the spirit of God is ever present to be discerned … as we learn to look through mortal density … anna

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